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Return Of Iljimae

I’m glad i get to watch this now.
I wasnt able to watch this as it aired for 2 reasons…..

1. Boys Before Flowers
2. Subbing groups did not pick this up right when it aired.

And i thought my life would be so empty with BBF!!!!

Although, it didnt get many rave reviews, and dramabeans stopped recapping the series midway through the drama – see reason 1, i still feel that it has great potential none the less- i’ve been planning to watch this Wed-Thu drama since BBF airs Mon-Tue -but see reason 2.

Now, thanks to aja-aja – i can dl the episodes, and to Haru2 for
subbing this now, i get to watch this drama that i have been
anticipating – while waiting for WITHS2 – to finish subbing the current
episodes of A Man’s Story.

like i said in previous blogs – no drama right now will take the place of BBF, and Love and Marriage – but i will still be in awe……

So i started to watch the first 2 episodes – and i know i cant wait to watch more
i like the narrating part, it makes me feel like i’m here being taken to another era…..not too many people appreciate that – i do. not to mention that Jung Il Woo is HOT HOT HOT – yes, he can’t take the place of the original Iljimae – Lee Jung Ki, but for my preference, i prefer JIW much more.

i’m just glad that i get to catch up with this drama – as the last episode aired in Korea last Thursday. that would fill part of the hole that BBF left me.

Iljimae whaiting!
Iljimae fighting!

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