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My Precious You

Another drama ends….

Just as Boys Before Flowers ended last tuesday, another Kdrama that I have been following came to an end today.

My Precious You aired it’s final episode – Episode 54. It was originally contracted to air 50 episodes – but because the drama was received warmly by both Korean and non Korean drama fans, and exceeded rating expectations, they extended the drama for another 4 episodes.

I’m so used watching this drama as it aired here in CA. Unlike BBF, I watched this drama here first. Then, during the weekend that my daughter isnt with me, I caught up on episodes that I’ve missed and was able to be up to date with the lates episodes.

Already feeling empty from the HUGE hole BBF left me, I’m still in shock and can’t really accept that another drama that i like ended today. And again, the ending that i wanted didn’t happen. (I think it’s a culture thing!)

Now, I really feel at loss – I always have Mon-Tue nights to look forward to, watching mostly subbed versions of BBF, Tue-Wed reading the english summaries, Wed-Thu watching the drama again with complete english subtitles, Fri-Sat-Sun catching up on My Precious You and Iron Empress.

I’m waking up tomorrow knowing that I dont have a video to watch at lunch, or summaries/spoilers to read at soompi, or read comments on dramabeans. I guess my passion for Korean dramas just went up a few notches – for me to feel this way. Either that, I’ve really gone bonkers.

I must admit though, this drama didn’t have much of an impact on me as I thought it would – knowing that the story is about a single mom to be, dealing with everyday issues. In the end, the story ended with who she needs to be with. That doesnt really happen especially with a situation like that. Speaking from experience???

But still, losing 2 dramas in a week is like having both my kids spend the whole weekend with their “respective” dad at the same time – very quiet and lonely.

Since, i have spent most of my spare time to BBF, and MPY, the drama’s that I’ve anticipated to watch has already aired….I missed 7 episodes of one drama already, that and it’s not 100% subtitled yet…..so i can’t really watch it…..i guess it’s because of the whole BBF frenzy (it aired right in mid-season). I guess i can catch up on this drama, but then again, i could use this week as a break and SLEEP, and watch the drama(s) that airs after these – if subbed by a group in a timely manner.

On a good note, I still have one more weekend drama to watch, and it is still halfway through. I’m not watching this right when it airs since I’m waiting for subtitles to come. Who knows, i may “fall in love” with another drama while waiting for subtitles. As for weekday dramas, I really don’t have much of an option – not too many fans subbed Wed-Thu dramas….so again, i have to wait.

Oh well, I can always try to be busy with something…..until i find another drama that “speaks” to me…..

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