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Boys Before Flowers

Life after…..

… Boys Before Flowers

For 3 months this drama captivated not only mine, but all the
hearts and lives of all Kdrama fans. As we all know, the last episode aired
last Monday 3/31. For me, the past 3 months are the best months of my life as a
Kdrama fan. In the 9 Kdramas I’ve watched, been watching so far, only 4
really caught me off guard and somehow changed something in me. Boys Before
Flowers is one of them.

Boys Before Flowers is the one drama that rolled my love for
Japanese anime/manga and Korean drama into one. To me, this drama was made to
teach me a few lessons. 1.) I need to be optimistic just like Guem Jan Di, 2.)
I can’t give up on love, and 3.) My soulmate is out there somewhere. Even
though Yoon Ji Hoo is not real, there is someone out there like him for me. Of
course, he won’t have Ji Hoo’s gorgeous smile, but my
soulmate’s smile will still melt my heart none the less.

So, what’s next for me??

Well, I have to first come back from BBF world and get back
to my real world. Now, I have to go back to focusing being a Mom, an employee
to my work, and everything else. I must admit, I still feel lost, and I mostly
feel empty. I feel like I have no reason to wake up and go to work. BBF was my
motivation to work hard, so I can go home and watch it. I still watch it since it’s
currently airing here in CA, it’s just not the same as watching it when
it airs in Korea
– don’t get me started on those reasons!

I also have a few shows that I’m still anticipating to
watch. I’m just not sure if I want to do it the same way I watched this
drama. I watched BBF right when it aired in
Korea , ok, not right when it aired –
I do wait for a few hours for the subbers to add the subtitle, instead of
waiting 3-4 weeks to air here in CA. One thing I know though, for sure, that
even as I watch other dramas, it won’t have the same effect on me as BBF
did. I will still appreciate the drama I’m watching regardless. BBF really
moved me in a way that words can’t describe.

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