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Ja Myung Go

Yep, another Kdrama
It’s already aired about 3 episodes
I haven’t really watched since no fansubbing group picked up this drama for softsubs…
But, Viikii has online users that are subbing the drama as it airs. i have been helping out in simplifying the subtitles – rephrasing them and what not.
I have the raw episodes – i just need a good soul to translate –
i really really want to watch this drama – but i dont want to wait months for it to air here – if it gets picked up by channel 18, and if it’s subbed or not.
who knows – it may coincide with the KBS drama i’m watching on channel 23….

im keeping my fingers crossed, that i get permission to convert the viikii subs to softsubs…i already have the software and all – i just need my daughter to go to her dad on her scheduled weekends…..watch, after i post this – her schedule will change….lol

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