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Boys Before Flowers

I have been home since yesterday…..taking care of the kids. I was going to get frustrated because I wanted to be at work, but at the end of the day….I became thankful to both of them. If they weren’t taking turns being sick, I wouldn’t get the chance to watch the most anticipated drama in Korea…..BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS

True, it has not aired here yet, it’s supposed to air sometime this month or next month….but since I had the spare time, I decided not to wait when it airs here, and watch it online.
I am now an official fan of the drama. I’m not usually one to go where everyone goes, but watching this drama – thanks to aja-aja.com and with s2(subtitle group), i was able to dl and watch all episodes that have aired so far.
This drama is now my favorite of all time!!!!
I just fell in love with the story line, and the quirky characters!!!!!
I still don’t know why I’m addicted to Korean dramas, but I’m not complaining, and i dont care what others think – this is something i like and will continue to like

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