The Partner

I didn’t think that i was going to be able to watch this drama. I tried to watch this back when it first aired in June 24. Luckily, I got to see the first 2 episodes as it aired here on 7/22.

My first impression was, I’m going to watch this as it airs here. It didn’t leave me with a strong urge to watch it. But, part of me was curious so I did a weekend marathon of episodes 3-10, and watched the rest as it aired when i got home from work.

The drama left me with a lot of questions despite all the hype. I feel as if they focused more on their cases than that of the characters’ evolution in the drama. I mean, it’s not a bad drama, I was most impressed by Lee Honey’s character, but she’s not that of a femme fatale as hyped up to be….they didn’s show her in that trait. I was also sold on Kim hyun Joo’s ability to act, since she made me cry on most episodes, and Lee Dong Wook’s childish antics just cracks me up, i don’t regret watching this drama, but, it’s not something that i would blog on more about either.

This drama still airs here, and yes i still watch it. I’m still hopeful that there were just plot points that I missed and that I would see them as it airs.

The City Hall

At first,I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this drama after watching Cain & Abel. I wasn’t really planning to watch this drama. I haven’t read enough about the drama and the actors, to have found a reason to continuosly follow it. My plan was to watch the drama here and there when there’s nothing else to watch. I figured, it won’t do any harm by watching the 1st episode. if i like it, i like it, if not, i can watch That Fool as it airs here like a rerun. BUT, throughout the episode, I was surprised at myself, for actually laughing at some of the scenes. Then, all of a sudden, the episode ended – and for 3 nights and 4 days, i sat in front of my computer to watch episode 2-16. That’s when I realized that I did it again. Told myself not to commit to another drama, as i’m following too many as it is – but i did anyway. LOL

That Fool aka Six Months


Opening Title:

this is a new drama that i just started watchin online. this is already halfway on it’s airing, so im glad that i got to watch it…..
i have so many dramas that i watched, but few that made an impression.
for those who are drama fans, i dont need to elaborate on the plot of the story.
for those who arent, GOOGLE it.

anyway, i’m 6 episodes into this 16 episode drama, and boy, i have never watched a drama that made me cry in one scene and laughing the next – all in 2 minutes. i dont know if it’s a combination of the dorkiness of the lead actor, plus the meanness of the lead actress and the soundtrack, or i’m just mushy and gullible. but, it got me just like the producers hoped it would.

gosh, i wish i can post the videos that i watch…but i dont want to risk my acct being deleted…oh wait, i do have another account….hmmm….idea.

anyway, i just want to say that i enjoy this drama – and thanks to the 3 day weekend, i’m able to watch all 8 episodes and be ready this weekend for the next 2…since this drama airs in Korea Wed-Thurs, i would have to wait till late fri/sat for subs to be done….

sigh…i dont get this hobby of mine – but i dont regret it either.

Return Of Iljimae

I’m glad i get to watch this now.
I wasnt able to watch this as it aired for 2 reasons…..

1. Boys Before Flowers
2. Subbing groups did not pick this up right when it aired.

And i thought my life would be so empty with BBF!!!!

Although, it didnt get many rave reviews, and dramabeans stopped recapping the series midway through the drama – see reason 1, i still feel that it has great potential none the less- i’ve been planning to watch this Wed-Thu drama since BBF airs Mon-Tue -but see reason 2.

Now, thanks to aja-aja – i can dl the episodes, and to Haru2 for
subbing this now, i get to watch this drama that i have been
anticipating – while waiting for WITHS2 – to finish subbing the current
episodes of A Man’s Story.

like i said in previous blogs – no drama right now will take the place of BBF, and Love and Marriage – but i will still be in awe……

So i started to watch the first 2 episodes – and i know i cant wait to watch more
i like the narrating part, it makes me feel like i’m here being taken to another era…..not too many people appreciate that – i do. not to mention that Jung Il Woo is HOT HOT HOT – yes, he can’t take the place of the original Iljimae – Lee Jung Ki, but for my preference, i prefer JIW much more.

i’m just glad that i get to catch up with this drama – as the last episode aired in Korea last Thursday. that would fill part of the hole that BBF left me.

Iljimae whaiting!
Iljimae fighting!

My Precious You

Another drama ends….

Just as Boys Before Flowers ended last tuesday, another Kdrama that I have been following came to an end today.

My Precious You aired it’s final episode – Episode 54. It was originally contracted to air 50 episodes – but because the drama was received warmly by both Korean and non Korean drama fans, and exceeded rating expectations, they extended the drama for another 4 episodes.

I’m so used watching this drama as it aired here in CA. Unlike BBF, I watched this drama here first. Then, during the weekend that my daughter isnt with me, I caught up on episodes that I’ve missed and was able to be up to date with the lates episodes.

Already feeling empty from the HUGE hole BBF left me, I’m still in shock and can’t really accept that another drama that i like ended today. And again, the ending that i wanted didn’t happen. (I think it’s a culture thing!)

Now, I really feel at loss – I always have Mon-Tue nights to look forward to, watching mostly subbed versions of BBF, Tue-Wed reading the english summaries, Wed-Thu watching the drama again with complete english subtitles, Fri-Sat-Sun catching up on My Precious You and Iron Empress.

I’m waking up tomorrow knowing that I dont have a video to watch at lunch, or summaries/spoilers to read at soompi, or read comments on dramabeans. I guess my passion for Korean dramas just went up a few notches – for me to feel this way. Either that, I’ve really gone bonkers.

I must admit though, this drama didn’t have much of an impact on me as I thought it would – knowing that the story is about a single mom to be, dealing with everyday issues. In the end, the story ended with who she needs to be with. That doesnt really happen especially with a situation like that. Speaking from experience???

But still, losing 2 dramas in a week is like having both my kids spend the whole weekend with their “respective” dad at the same time – very quiet and lonely.

Since, i have spent most of my spare time to BBF, and MPY, the drama’s that I’ve anticipated to watch has already aired….I missed 7 episodes of one drama already, that and it’s not 100% subtitled yet… i can’t really watch it…..i guess it’s because of the whole BBF frenzy (it aired right in mid-season). I guess i can catch up on this drama, but then again, i could use this week as a break and SLEEP, and watch the drama(s) that airs after these – if subbed by a group in a timely manner.

On a good note, I still have one more weekend drama to watch, and it is still halfway through. I’m not watching this right when it airs since I’m waiting for subtitles to come. Who knows, i may “fall in love” with another drama while waiting for subtitles. As for weekday dramas, I really don’t have much of an option – not too many fans subbed Wed-Thu dramas….so again, i have to wait.

Oh well, I can always try to be busy with something…..until i find another drama that “speaks” to me…..

Boys Before Flowers

Life after…..

… Boys Before Flowers

For 3 months this drama captivated not only mine, but all the
hearts and lives of all Kdrama fans. As we all know, the last episode aired
last Monday 3/31. For me, the past 3 months are the best months of my life as a
Kdrama fan. In the 9 Kdramas I’ve watched, been watching so far, only 4
really caught me off guard and somehow changed something in me. Boys Before
Flowers is one of them.

Boys Before Flowers is the one drama that rolled my love for
Japanese anime/manga and Korean drama into one. To me, this drama was made to
teach me a few lessons. 1.) I need to be optimistic just like Guem Jan Di, 2.)
I can’t give up on love, and 3.) My soulmate is out there somewhere. Even
though Yoon Ji Hoo is not real, there is someone out there like him for me. Of
course, he won’t have Ji Hoo’s gorgeous smile, but my
soulmate’s smile will still melt my heart none the less.

So, what’s next for me??

Well, I have to first come back from BBF world and get back
to my real world. Now, I have to go back to focusing being a Mom, an employee
to my work, and everything else. I must admit, I still feel lost, and I mostly
feel empty. I feel like I have no reason to wake up and go to work. BBF was my
motivation to work hard, so I can go home and watch it. I still watch it since it’s
currently airing here in CA, it’s just not the same as watching it when
it airs in Korea
– don’t get me started on those reasons!

I also have a few shows that I’m still anticipating to
watch. I’m just not sure if I want to do it the same way I watched this
drama. I watched BBF right when it aired in
Korea , ok, not right when it aired –
I do wait for a few hours for the subbers to add the subtitle, instead of
waiting 3-4 weeks to air here in CA. One thing I know though, for sure, that
even as I watch other dramas, it won’t have the same effect on me as BBF
did. I will still appreciate the drama I’m watching regardless. BBF really
moved me in a way that words can’t describe.

Boys Before Flowers

March 30-31 are two nights that i have been anticipating to come, and the same time wishing – that it’s not as well.

That’s because in Korea, these two days are the final 2 episodes of Boys Before Flowers….I have no clue what to obsess about after this show airs. I know that episode 13 and 14 will air here in CA – but, it’s not the same.

I saw this episode from the start right when it aired in Jan…..i’ve blogged in other sites, i’ve posted comments in and out of forums – i fell in love with all the characters – and then reality hits – it will end this week.

I’m contemplating whether or not to watch the episodes as it airs – or wait till withs2 finishes subbing the episodes and i can watch then.

It’s just that i really really dont want it to end…….i’ve never felt great at looking forward to something that really makes me feel good about in years……for the first time in my life – my love of japanese anime/manga and korean drama have been thrown in and mixed together- and it will end soon.

i am already suffering from BBF withdrawal symptoms – i have not watched the US version in 2 wks(it’s recorded on dvd still)-the reasons i dont watch is because the subtitles isnt translated well like withs2. they usually cut more than what was said….lol

i’m sad and happy at the same time – sad because my fantasy romance will end and happy that i get to sleep. now, all i have to do is hardsub the video and create my own dvd(s)….i have been doing this for my friends and didnt make myself a copy….lol

i still have to make the wallpapers and calendars for 2009, and ringtones….just to hold me until another drama touches my heart like this drama did…..i must confess – BBF “is my own personal brand of heroine” sounds familiar????

to those watching this drama whether recently or right when it started – you must know how i feel… antsy wishing it was JH ending up with JD, but we all know that’s not how it ends…..btw – i’m writing again – this time, it’s a different genre – FANFICTION – thanks to BBF, im inspired to write again…….

if anyone from BBF staff will come accross this blog one day…’s to all of you:

you have made the past 3 months lighter for me – at least on Mon-Tue
thanks to you, i was inspired to work harder at work, so i can deserve to watch this drama online.
you gave me more reason to believe that my soulmate is out there – and when i find him – i will not let go
you taught me that i shouldnt hold my feelings inside- instead to let it all out, or regret not saying anything
i still think that JD should end up with JH!!!!!
to all the cast main and supporting – great job!!! looking forward to your next dramas!!!!

Goodbye Boys Before Flowers – sarangheyeo.

Ja Myung Go

Yep, another Kdrama
It’s already aired about 3 episodes
I haven’t really watched since no fansubbing group picked up this drama for softsubs…
But, Viikii has online users that are subbing the drama as it airs. i have been helping out in simplifying the subtitles – rephrasing them and what not.
I have the raw episodes – i just need a good soul to translate –
i really really want to watch this drama – but i dont want to wait months for it to air here – if it gets picked up by channel 18, and if it’s subbed or not.
who knows – it may coincide with the KBS drama i’m watching on channel 23….

im keeping my fingers crossed, that i get permission to convert the viikii subs to softsubs…i already have the software and all – i just need my daughter to go to her dad on her scheduled weekends…, after i post this – her schedule will change….lol

[MV OST] Boys Before FlowersV

Fanmade. Images from the drama.
Paradise: Intro
Main Cast:
Geum Jan Di, (F4): Gu Jun Pyu, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, Song Woo Bin

Because I’m Stupid
Love story: Jan Di – Ji Hoo (Episode 1-6)

Stand By Me
Love Story: Jan Di – Ji Hoo (Episode 7-12)

Love Story: Jan Di-Jun Pyo (episode 1-6)

Love Story: Jan Di- Jun Pyo (episode 7-12)

Boys Before Flowers

I have been home since yesterday…..taking care of the kids. I was going to get frustrated because I wanted to be at work, but at the end of the day….I became thankful to both of them. If they weren’t taking turns being sick, I wouldn’t get the chance to watch the most anticipated drama in Korea…..BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS

True, it has not aired here yet, it’s supposed to air sometime this month or next month….but since I had the spare time, I decided not to wait when it airs here, and watch it online.
I am now an official fan of the drama. I’m not usually one to go where everyone goes, but watching this drama – thanks to and with s2(subtitle group), i was able to dl and watch all episodes that have aired so far.
This drama is now my favorite of all time!!!!
I just fell in love with the story line, and the quirky characters!!!!!
I still don’t know why I’m addicted to Korean dramas, but I’m not complaining, and i dont care what others think – this is something i like and will continue to like